Grief and Loss

560614282Grief from loss is an overwhelming emotion.

Grief is deeply personal and can make time stand still. Like a black hole in space, the grief absorbs everything. Your life abruptly stops while you watch this surreal scene of everyone else going through their routines as though nothing has happened.

Everything in you wants to scream out. How can the world keep going as if nothing has happened, especially when your world has come to an abrupt and profound stop? How can they not know that something monumental has happened?

There are several stages of grief and loss.

And every person is a little different in how they experience and move through the stages.

Shock and Denial – There is disbelief or denial of the loss. It just feels numb.

Anger and Guilt – The reality of the loss begins to sink in, and feelings of anger, resentment, or guilt can arise. There are cries to God, friends, and family asking why this has occurred. The guilt comes from the “what ifs” or “if only I would have” statements. There may be guilt over things left unsaid or undone.

Sadness and Depression – Profound sadness often sets in with feelings of emptiness or despair.

Physical Symptoms – The prolonged period of grief can manifest physically with symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, muscle tension, or gastrointestinal issues.

Yearning and Searching – Efforts to find meaning and make sense of what has happened accompany longing for the person or things lost.

Emotional Waves – Grief often comes in waves, with periods of intense sadness and crying or longing followed by relative calm or happy moments. These fluctuations are a normal part of grieving but create confusion, making one wonder if they will ever feel normal again.

560614282We are here to walk with you through your grief.

We understand loss and will listen to you with compassion and empathy.

We aim to help guide you through the final stages of Acceptance and Reconstruction. Reaching these stages is essential to rebuilding your life, learning to live with the loss, and integrating it into your sense of self. That integration allows you to hold the precious memories and move forward with a fulfilling life.

Most people need help through these stages. Successfully completing the acceptance and reconstruction phase is essential, but you don’t need to do this alone.

Call our office today or send us a message using the online form on this page. We will take it from there. Our first step will be to provide you with a 20-minute free phone consultation. Afterward, we will connect you to the right therapist to travel this difficult road to healing with you.

Take the first step and call us today. It’s going to be okay again.