Join Our Team!

1871940787Join our team and be a part of creating something unique!

We aren’t like any average 9 – 5 counseling team. Our team of compassionate therapists works with the client profiles they enjoy and are well-suited to provide the best outcomes. The practice develops and provides client recruiting strategies that work. Therapists can also create a couple of organic growth sources for new clients. The blend of these two strategies ensures that therapists’ schedules are as complete as they want.

Being a team means we collaborate and support each other. Everyone has a voice in developing the mission, values, and strategy we execute. Working as a team is synergistic, creating an environment with an exponentially more significant impact than the sum of our parts.

Going it alone is complicated and often leaves therapists feeling isolated and lacking adequate support. We value developing a collaborative environment that supports professional and personal growth. We also hold a standard value to create long-term relationships and mentoring opportunities. As you grow, you will have the chance to help other therapists and aspiring therapists grow and develop.

Our therapists design their work schedules to create the proper lifestyle and work-life balance. They are mostly salaried. Most new therapists spend a few months as independent contractors when first hired but quickly transition to a financially rewarding salaried+ model with benefits, paid time off, supervision, and training support.

We are passionate about providing excellent care.

To support that passion, we encourage and assist therapists in developing existing skills and learning new skills that interest them. Our practice enables the therapist to follow their passions with the support of a successful and diverse team.

We provide administrative support, a fabulous office, and high-quality tools and resources to help you be your best. We also offer exciting services to support our clients on their healing journey.

Call today and ask to speak with Jeff about whether you are ready to join a growing, exciting practice. I’d love to hear about your goals and dreams and share more about us with you.