“Welcome to the Zen Garden”

Every day creates stress of some kind.

The stress sometimes grabs hold when our attention fails to focus on maintaining our well-being and mindful state. Before you know it, you start feeling a general sense of discontentment. It starts feeling like something is “off,” but you can’t pinpoint what “it” is.

Things like an unexpected bill, a difficult conversation, or a conflict at work feed the unresolved stress. The tension is felt in the shoulders and eventually throughout the body. It can cause headaches and difficulty sleeping.

The progression of stress’s physical and emotional impact is subtle at first. Unresolved, many end up in a stress crisis impacting one’s physical health, wrecking most essential relationships, or causing problems at work.

The solution?

Learn and build a practice of mindfulness, meditation, and stress-reducing techniques that keep your resilience tuned against stress-creating events. You can’t be fully isolated from stress. However, you can access the resources and develop the ability to allow the stress-creating event to pass by you instead of grabbing hold of you.

The Zen Garden is a secure and peaceful space in our office where you can escape from the outside world and enjoy your desired tranquility.

The room is a nature-inspired, multisensory experience. The trees, greenery, and waterfall will engage your senses of sight and hearing and take you to a peaceful and relaxing place. Light and aroma therapy connect your sense of smell and vision to the experience.

It’s your choice – a guided meditation experience can occur on our meditation mat or chair. You can use the massage chair for a somatic experience to relieve stress and trauma, and you can interact with diorama zen gardens to arrange the garden elements and rake the sand.

2423160479Are you ready for some stress relief?

The Zen Garden will be ready to start on June 1, 2024.

Sessions lasting 20, 30, or 45 minutes, and you can reserve them before or after appointments with your therapist or between sessions throughout the week.

Call now or send a message from this page to reserve a session. We will take it from there. Our first step will be to provide you with a 20-minute free phone consultation.

Within a few days, you will enjoy the benefits of our Zen Garden.