Trauma Recovery

The event keeps lurking in the background.

That experience is something you can’t forget. All it takes is a sound, a smell, a familiar environment, or a name to take you right back to that experience. Sometimes, it makes you feel like your life has become upended, making you forever scared.

You want to be free from these feelings desperately, but you don’t know what to do. So, here you are reading about trauma recovery.

Whether your instincts, a friend’s advice, or even desperation led you here, you have made the right choice. The hardest part of feeling better is asking for help.

We are here to make that part just a little easier.

Trauma recovery is a journey of courage, resilience, and self-discovery.

That recovery looks a little different for everyone. But we understand that and are here to guide you through finding the strengths you need to stay on the path to healing.

With great patience and compassion, we will invite you into the safe and secure space of our office to enable you to navigate the ups and downs of healing from trauma. It’s up to you to share as many or as few details as you want.

We will work hard and with great sensitivity to know how you are doing during therapy. Our goal is to help you build the skills you need to find growth and healing.

Although you will likely never forget what happened, you can – and we will help you – stop the memories from keeping the debilitating emotions and negative thoughts from permeating your day.

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One more small action that we know feels like a colossal step involves calling today or sending a message via the online form. We will take it from there.

Our first step is to provide you with a 20-minute free phone consultation. In a few days, you will sit with a fantastic, compassionate therapist to start reclaiming your life.

Call or message us before leaving this page to get started on the healing you deserve.