Pain Is Gonna Hurt, Hurt, Hurt

And you just can’t shake it off!

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Struggling, heartbroken, or out of control – does one of these stories resonate with you?

Cara is struggling. She thought being a teenager was supposed to be a carefree time filled with family, friends, and fun. But, so far, it’s been anything but that. Pressure comes from all sides – parents, teachers, friends, the community – they all have expectations of who she should be, but no one asks who SHE wants to be.

Nobody understands what she’s going through. None of her friends seem to be struggling the way she is. At church, they say, “Just have faith.” But they don’t say how. She feels lost, unseen, and so lonely. She knows something needs to change, but it feels hopeless.

Jen is heartbroken. Her husband of over a decade recently passed away unexpectedly, and the grief is overwhelming. She’d never known pain like this, and sometimes she worried that it would swallow her whole. Her emotions swing wildly, and in an instant, she can go from seemingly fine to hysterically weeping.

At first, people called and stopped by to offer their support and condolences. But soon, everyone returned to their normal lives. Everyone but Jen. “How can I possibly go on,” she wonders, “when the most important part of my life is gone forever?” She feels so alone and knows that she needs some help to get through this, but who could possibly understand the depth of her grief?

David is out of control. He never knows how he will react from one moment to the next. Sitting in traffic, someone cuts him off, and he instantly becomes incensed, his whole body vibrating with rage. He’s always had a temper (family members say he inherited it), but lately, it’s been getting worse and worse.

At home, his angry outbursts scare the kids and worry his wife. She tells him he needs to do something about his rage, but he shrugs it off. Sometimes, he wonders if his temper is related to the pain from his past. He’s done his best to bury and ignore those disturbing memories, but they still pop up without warning. He wants to be a good husband, dad, and man but doesn’t know how to change.

You really can’t “shake it off.”

As much as you wish things were different, it’s still scary to change.

Sure, you’re in pain, but there’s an odd sense of safety and
familiarity with it. This is a pain you know.

And besides, reaching out for therapy feels like a sign of failure or weakness.

*Headline inspired by “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift

But there is another way.

It’s time to break down the barriers to getting help.

You have the power to find yourself and your place in this world.

The life you’ve always wanted is achievable; you just have to take the next step.

Hi, and Welcome to

Pathways Counseling NWA.

We’re here to help you regain your power and reclaim a great life.

In a safe and welcoming space, we’ll walk with you as you heal the root causes of your distress at the source and develop techniques for better managing difficult emotions as they arise.

Using an eclectic blend of proven talk therapy models combined with cutting-edge Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), you’ll feel the heavy weight of your struggles begin to lift.

Let us become your guide, confidante, advisor, accountability partner, and so much more on a fantastic journey to healing.

Cara, Jen, and David committed to transform their lives with Pathways Counseling NWA.

Cara has learned how to hear her own voice through working with us. After role-playing in session, She knows what to say to her family and friends. Going through school and her daily routine is no longer the scary place it had become for her.

Jen learned that each person grieves in their own way. Through our guidance, she could recognize the pain is real, time moves on, and she has choices to make. She began looking at things outside herself and recognizing that she is still alive and can make contributions to her family and community.

David worked hard with us to find the root of his anger – which ended up being his inability as a child to control his father’s temper when he would abuse his mother. Through a new lens, he learned tactics to diffuse his anger and have another outlet.

*These are fictitious names and scenarios used only to illustrate real-life situations

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