Teen Therapy

2423160479It’s challenging to be a teenager.

School, friends, family, work, sports, music, church, hobbies, and clubs can make it difficult for a teenager to handle. Add to that, their hormones are starting to surge, and they begin to notice and feel driven by urges and attractions that they have never experienced before.

Being a teenager was supposed to be a time of building great memories and beginning to experience more freedom. It is fun and adventurous sometimes, but underneath these positive experiences is enormous pressure to perform, conform, and fit in.

The fear of being different; left outside the friend group; rejected by their crush; or disappointing a parent, teacher, or friend creates enormous stress. Teenagers can feel emotionally and physically exhausted from all the activities they try to fit into their week.

Their self-esteem rises and falls based on whether they fit in or the views and “likes” they get on TikTok, Snap, and Instagram. It’s no wonder anxiety and depression are at all-time highs for teens.

Therapy can make the teenage years less challenging.

The absolute best thing that can happen is for a teenager to connect with a therapist who specializes in working with teens. When we see teens, we create a space where they can feel comfortable being teenagers. They can be themselves without the fear of being judged. We don’t approach teens with the same ways of building trust and rapport that we use with adults.

It may sound unconventional to an adult, but when we break out the snack box, a deck of Uno cards, or Jenga, they begin to relax and open up about their week, successes and failures, fears and problems. We ask them about their favorite TikTok videos or Instagram posts. We go into their world with them.

With trust growing, we create a therapeutic relationship that allows us to help them begin to work through their problems and conflicting emotions. We provide them with coping skills for the stress and help them find stable, healthy sources within themselves for positive self-esteem. And we help them find and protect appropriate bodily and emotional boundaries.

Before you know it, the anxiety and depression begin to fade.

1972199729Your teen will find acceptance and support with us.

Teens deserve a therapist who understands and accepts them just as they are. The design of our approach to teen therapy focuses on the teen and their needs.

If your teen struggles with challenges, it is time for your teen to have the best opportunity to thrive during these turbulent years. Let’s ensure your teen gets the help they need and deserve; therapy can make an incredible difference in their lives.

Teen therapy is just a phone call away. We are taking new clients and welcome your teenager. Call (479) 481-4156 today for an appointment with one of our teen specialists.