Online Therapy

2423160479Commitments make seeking therapy difficult.

Depression and anxiety are impacting your relationships and your job. But finding help has proven nearly impossible. The obstacles to getting in to see a therapist seem insurmountable.

Your job requires a lot of travel. You have obligations at home with small children or ailing parents, making it difficult to get away from the house and into a therapist’s office.

The area where you live doesn’t have a therapist without a waitlist.

The therapist you’ve found whom you think would work the best for you is not within a reasonable driving distance.

Any of these issues make seeking in-person therapy seem impossible.

We have some good news for you.

Pathways Counseling NWA’s telehealth online therapy is precisely the type of help you seek, and we’re always within reach in Arkansas.

Our therapists have been trained and are certified to provide effective counseling regardless of where you are across Arkansas and when you travel for work or vacations. You can maintain consistent, effective therapy to help you reach your mental health and relationship goals.

1972199729How online therapy works…

All you need is a good Internet connection, a private place to have your counseling session, and a tablet or computer with a camera and audio. We work on a HIPPA-compliant site that ensures privacy.

The hope for better days ahead is yours to grab. If you live outside Northwest Arkansas or circumstances make it impossible for you to come into the office for in-person therapy, we can help you.

Call (479) 481-4156 today for a 20-minute complimentary consultation to start you on the healing path.