Individual Therapy

1871940787Living life overwhelmed is not living.

The struggles with your thoughts, emotions, and desires are haunting you.

Conflicts with others and within yourself are exhausting.

Conversations with friends and searches online give you a little relief, but this doesn’t last long.

You want and need help that feels safe and will help you feel better over the long term – not temporarily.

Individual therapy can make life less overwhelming.

When you enter our office for individual therapy, there are no distractions. You will feel the warmth of the space and the expert attention of an empathetic and caring person.

Instead of telling you how you should feel and what you should do, we will provide the space for you, and suddenly, you will realize that you are sitting with someone you can trust with knowing about your secret struggles.

As we discuss your struggles, you will feel like a load of bricks lifting off your body as you share, and we listen to your struggles and pains. You can tell by our reactions to your story that we’re not just listening to your words but genuinely hearing what you have to say. Contrary to what you thought, you suddenly realize that therapy is soothing to your soul.

34821166Therapy is a time for self-exploration.

As your therapist, we aim to ask the right questions to help you think and explore deeply. Being able to ask these questions results from your willingness to feel vulnerable and our commitment to listening to what you say without judgment. These heart-to-heart conversations result from the bond of trust we develop during our sessions.

These questions also help you connect the different parts of your journey with observation, insight, and clarity. Your sessions become a personal journey through past and present experiences to help you connect the situations and experiences.

Working in individual therapy can make you feel good as you unburden your soul. There is relief in beginning to understand why. And you find hope for better days ahead.

Your therapy journey starts with a phone call, and its destination is recapturing your joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

Your journey to a better tomorrow is beginning! Call us for your free 20-minute phone consultation at (479) 481-4156.