About Chandler Bryan, MS, LPC

AdminBeing a teenager is hard.

It is difficult to remain open to see and accept yourself when the world around you constantly stomps on you.

You feel like everyone is on your back for every little thing you say, think, or do.

The pressure to perform is intense… you feel it at home, at school with grades, and even feel it in the extra things you do that are supposed to be fun.

Relationships seem impossible. You constantly wonder who likes and accepts you and who does not. You are always being compared with someone else.

You want to be accepted for who you are, but how can you do that when you often feel rejected?

Your thoughts are so loud and emotions so heavy that even getting up for school or hanging out with a friend feels like a chore.

Does this sound like you? or your son or daughter?

I can help. I have experience helping teens navigate the emotional and relationship land mines.

Using Person-Centered Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, I make certain to listen well and create space for reflection and empathy.

Teens are welcome to come hang out and talk. My office is a safe space where teens can be themselves. You will feel heard and understood in my office even if you don’t feel like anyone sees you anywhere else.

And as we talk, I can help you figure out the roller coaster of emotions. You will find your confidence growing. And your relationships can become less complicated.

There is no need to wait to start feeling better. Send me a message today using the form at the bottom of the page. Someone from my office will call you back and set up your first appointment.

About Me

732080302My work is all about YOU.

In everything I do, I want to help people live more connected and present lives with themselves and others. The path toward change, whether in the counseling room or outside of it, is through this type of connection.

Through my work as a therapist, I get to sit with individual clients and help them navigate toward more connection and presence. It also allows me to put into practice one of the things I love most about this life: being together with another human at that moment. Cutting through all the noise, busyness, and scariness of everyday life, my work as a therapist allows me to connect with clients through understanding and compassion.

My background has prepared me to become a therapist.

I graduated with a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from John Brown University and hold a license in Arkansas as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I practice primarily from the Person-Centered and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy models and am trained in EMDR.

My interests are writing, reading, and talking to people. All these things I love are rooted in connection.

A writer gets to share a piece of themself through their words; a reader gets to connect to the writer or the character that writer created; and in conversation, I exchange energy with the other person.

A large portion of my time and energy is dedicated to mindfulness and presence. I like to think that the more present I am in each moment, the better I can care for the clients who come to see me.

The rest of my time and energy is usually spent on some combination of pop music, the NBA, watching women’s soccer, and being active. I grew up in a traditional religious environment in the Midwest and have, over the years, moved further south and found a fulfilling spiritual practice outside of the tradition I grew up in.

When I am not working with a client or doing some training to jam more into an overcrowded brain, I try to explore the opportunities life in Northwest Arkansas presents me. Lately, this means spending as much time as possible with friends, reading, practicing meditation, working out, and writing poetry.