EMDR Therapy
(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

560614282Trauma can keep returning – repeatedly.

The emotional, physical, sexual abuse, and threats from the past were horrific when they were happening. The surge of terror and panic in those moments is almost indescribable.

All these years later, you can’t understand what’s wrong with you. It’s intensely unfair to keep re-experiencing those same feelings. You know in your head the abuse wasn’t your fault. But you still feel punished by that abuse repeatedly.

Why can’t you forget? Why does a specific word that someone speaks to you, a smell, or just about anything seem to bring back the paralyzing feelings? Those feelings create shame, grief, anxiety, and depression.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get your life in the place you dreamed you would be at by now.

EMDR helps reprocess past trauma.

EMDR is an effective treatment to add to your talk therapy.

Our office is a safe space for you. In addition to helping you understand what is going on with these flashbacks and debilitating feelings of panic and dread, we will teach you some ways to get back to a calmer state when you feel triggered like that. We will practice them in session to prepare you when the feelings return.

EMDR will be a part of nearly every session. When we use EMDR in our session, we will ask you to follow finger movements with your eyes. Think of going to the optometrist as they check the range of your field of vision. We will ask you to take one of those memories up and guide you through some imagery while we invite you to use your eyes to follow the movements of the therapist’s fingers.

Sounds hokey? It’s not. Rigorous scientific studies and the experience of millions support EMDR as a valid therapeutic modality. Through this process, you will place those memories in the past, where they belong, and replace them with more positive responses.

133317830Our work together focuses on YOUR needs.

When you enter our office for individual therapy, there are no distractions. You feel the warmth of the space and the expert attention of an empathetic and caring person. Instead of telling you how you should feel and what you should do, this space is for you.

As you work with your therapist, you suddenly realize you are sitting with someone you can trust with your secret struggles. It feels like a load of bricks lifting off your body as you share, and we hear your struggles and pains. Our reactions tell you that you feel listened to and understood, perhaps for the first time. Expressing your feelings to someone who gets you will make therapy feel soothing to your soul.

Through experience, we know the right questions to ask that help you think and explore deeply. Those questions will help you connect the different parts of your journey with observation, insight, and clarity. Your sessions will become a personal journey through past and present experiences with an expert guide helping you connect the situations and experiences.

It feels good to unburden your soul. There is relief in understanding why, and you will find hope for better days ahead. The journey of individual therapy starts with a phone call, and its destination is recapturing your joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

Your journey to a better tomorrow is starting! Call us now for your free 20-minute phone consultation at (479) 481-4156.