About Jeff Williams, MS, LAC

AdminLife is different from the script you wrote.

There was a period in my life when I lived in Southern California. I developed a good friendship with a guy who is an actor and musician. He would always tell me that his life was like a script for a movie. He had his script figured out and was pursuing it relentlessly. He would get agitated and quickly tell me when something that wasn’t in his script happened.

The attitude my friend displayed is incredibly relatable. You wrote your script when you were younger. In that script, you had plans and dreams of what life would be like – successful, full of healthy relationships, and happiness.

That script was your hopes and dreams for a beautiful tomorrow. But life isn’t turning out like the script you wrote.

Someone has edited your script, and you feel lost in your story, trying to figure out how to get things back on track.

I get it. My script has deviated a few times, too.

I’ve spent most of my life helping people find their way through life’s challenges. Then, a few years ago, I decided to edit my script. I returned to school for my Masters in Counseling from John Brown University.

It was quite a journey while going to graduate school, working a demanding career, and trying to be a good single dad. In 2023, I was licensed as an LAC for mental health counseling in Arkansas and launched Pathways Counseling NWA.

I see clients from teens to older adults dealing with life changes, grief, anxiety, depression, and trauma. When you come into my office, the focus is on you, your script, and the life you want to experience. As we work together, I strive to create an empathetic and compassionate atmosphere where you can more easily open your life and invite me on your journey toward healing and hope.

I use an eclectic mix of Cognitive-Behavioral, Person-Centered, and Mindfulness-Focused therapy to create an experience unique to your needs, goals, and personality.

You’ve been searching. Now, it’s time to make the call. Call me today for a free 20-minute phone conversation, and let’s get started!